Who is Your Smart Mobile Device Pundit?

So I woke up this morning feeling just fine, but something was very different. I couldn’t place my finger on it. After receiving an email from Freescale a short while ago, I finally know what it is. I am apparently now a “pundit.” It’s not even a word I use in my everyday language, and yet I am one. A “pundit.” Hmmm…. this feels odd — almost like I need to put on a bathrobe and fire up a toy lightsaber. Who knows what the appropriate action is?

Anyway, there’s a list of other pundits too, but it’s not yet complete. Freescale created a list of 10 smart mobile device pundits, but it’s looking to double the list. I’m hoping as one of the initial pundits, I get to put the new ones through some sort of pundit initiation experience. I doubt that will happen, but humor me and help Freescale out. They’re taking nominations between now and February 18 to see who is your smart mobile device go-to guy or gal. There are plenty of great names that belong on this list — some far more worthy than me — so hop to it and share those names. While you do that, I’ll think about those initiation rites in case there’s a chance to put them to use during Pundit Pledge Week.