Will Notion Ink’s Adam Be the iPad for Geeks?

Apple (s aapl) may have widespread interest with its iPad, but the Notion Ink Adam has geek juices flowing, too. We got our own hands-on demo with a prototype at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, but if that wasn’t enough for you, check out the detailed video that SlashGear has put together.

In it, you get a far better idea of how the innovative display works quite well in various use cases without any backlighting. In that situation, the display component only uses 0.2 watts of juice. Less watts required means longer battery life and for mobile devices, that’s a key attribute. One thing I didn’t realize about the Notion Ink technology was that the display backlighting isn’t just an on or off feature. There’s a third mode that uses an ambient light sensor — when it detects that the light levels are too low, the backlighting kicks in as needed.

Aside from last month’s video, SlashGear offers some updated pictures of the Adam device. The video looks used a prototype, but the newest pictures show a more refined unit. And the Notion Ink folks even show a nice magazine mock-up of SlashGear, which I expect would look equally as nice on the iPad.

I have little doubt that purely from a specification and performance standpoint, the Adam competes well with the iPad (s aapl). In the case of battery life and display technology, it probably exceeds Apple’s product. There isn’t enough information on Apple’s custom A4 chip to compare it with the next-generation Nvidia Tegra (s nvda) that powers the Adam. We should know more in about a week, however — Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink told us that Mobile World Congress will bring news about the company’s product line.

Marketing is obviously a big factor, but putting that aside for a second, the bigger question may come down to the operating system. Is Google’s Android (s goog) platform perceived to be “as good, if not better” than Apple’s iPhone operating system? Clearly, Android is making huge gains as a smartphone driver, but Apple’s control of the overall experience and ecosystem is something that many mainstream consumers appreciate. We geeks like choice, control and customization, so the Adam might turn out to be the “iPad” that mobile tech enthusiasts adopt. Thoughts?

Image courtesy of SlashGear

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