What Can You Do With 1 Gigabit?

Google (s GOOG) earlier today announced that it would be launching an experimental fiber-to-the-home network that would offer speeds of as much as 1 gigabit per second. The question is, what can you do with this much speed?

Our philosophy has long been that broadband is a platform of innovation and thus there will emerge new applications from the proliferation of fat pipes — whether they are wired or wireless.

Stacey had offered up five bandwidth-hungry applications that included high-definition telepresence, telemedicine, video instant messaging and video presence, HD television and real time data back-ups. Internet-based storage services and in-cloud personal video recorders are other options for fat pipe usage. Of course, with that much speed even our desktops can be offered on desktop.

So the question to you gentle readers: If you had 1 gbps to your home, what would you do with it?