Nimbuzz for Ovi Downloaded a Million Times

Nimbuzz, a mobile VoIP service and social networking services integrator, said today that its Symbian app has been downloaded more than a million time from Nokia’s (s nok) Ovi Store. In other words, Nimbuzz is benefiting handsomely from increased usage of the Ovi Store.

After a rocky start, the Ovi store has founds its sea legs, so to speak. More recently, Nokia has talked about the success of its Ovi Maps application and increased usage of the Ovi store with over million downloads a day. Nimbuzz, I presume, is being helped by the marketing push being made by Nokia in many countries.

While it’s great to see Nimbuzz pass the million downloads-mark, I would expect it to start reporting active daily sessions in the near future. Downloads, after all, are only part of the overall engagement metric on mobile platforms.

Nimbuzz recently passed 15 million registered users and now is adding about million new people every month. Nimbuzz got a big boost from its iPhone (s aapl) application, and has also launched an Android (s goog) version. I’ve found its call-out service to be of high quality; I use it to make most of my international calls.

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