Planet WiMAX


The incumbent carriers may be considering Long Term Evolution (LTE) as their post-3G wireless broadband technology, but new research from Telegeography shows that WiMAX is no slouch and that deployments of the other wireless broadband technology are on the rise. According to their research, there are about 600 WiMAX networks either live or in planning-deployment stages. Last time we checked, there were about 519 wireless deployments around the planet using WiMAX.

In comparison, only around 300 cellular networks have been upgraded with HSPA technology (including T-Mobile USA’s network) and fewer than 70 operators have committed to deploying LTE equipment. That should change in 2010 and beyond as we start to see large carriers such as Verizon (s VZ) and AT&T (s T) start to roll out their LTE-based wireless broadband networks.

But some analysts believe that all is not over for WiMAX. As we have mentioned in the past, WiMAX is finding its feet in emerging markets and that is why it makes sense that Asia, South Americas and Africa are the top regions when it comes to WiMAX deployments.