So Where Else in the World Can You Get 1 Gbps to the Home?

Updated: Google yesterday announced Google Fiber, an experimental network that would connect between 50,000 and 500,000 people, or as many as 200,000 homes, to the Internet at speeds reaching 1 gigabits per second — a truly jaw-dropping and envy-inspiring rate. Being big fans of broadband, we’ve been following the race to 1 Gbps and have come up with a list of places around the world where you can get 1 Gbps connections to your home.

* Hong Kong: The Hong Kong broadband network currently offers a FTTH/FTTB 1 Gbps service for $215 a month and is available to nearly 800,000 households.

* South Korea: The Korean government has a plan to spend $25 billion that over the next five years to bring fiber-based 1 Gbps connections to each home in South Korea.

* Cologne, Germany: Netcologne, a German city carrier, is looking to launch a service that will allow consumers to buy 1 Gbps connections in the city of Cologne sometime this year. Nearly 70,000 homes in Cologne currently buy broadband from the service provider.

* Canberra, Australia: TransACT, an Australian service provider, is trailing a network with speeds of up to 1 Gbps for residential customers.

* Portugal: Portugese cable operator Zon Multimedia has announced the availability of a 1 Gbps service for home users. It costs about 250 euros ($342) a month. (via)

* Amsterdam: GlasvezelNet Amsterdam (GNA), BBNed and InterNLnet have conducted a pilot of 1Gbps symmetric fibre-optic connections. The trial was carried out in the Amsterdam districts of Osdorp, Zeeburg and Oost/Watergraafsmeer. This Open FTTH effort has been rolled out in Amsterdam and is available to about 100,000 households. Reggefiber, another Dutch carrier is going to upgrade all its networks to 1 Gbps in 2010. Reggefiber is active in > 40 cities, half a million homes passed with 320,000 homes connected, thus making it one of the largest 1 Gbps deployments anywhere.

* In the US, Rural Telephone of Lenora, KS is s currently serving approx 8,000 homes with 1Gbps to the home.  Pineland Telephone of Metter, GA is in the process of replacing all of their old copper wire with fiber and currently have 4,000 homes connected to 1Gbps service. Lastly, 3 Rivers Telephone, Fairfield MT has 3,000 homes receiving 1Gbps. These three networks use gear from Occam Networks, a company I have often written about.< * In Japan, both NTT and KDDI are offering 1 Gbps services to residential buildings.

* Thanks to our great readers, we have learned that Sweden has a 1 Gbps network which has been in place since 2007. There are several other such offerings in Scandinavia. Singapore is also building a 1 Gbps network that will be ready by 2012.

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