Coders Get a New Colleague — Barbie

There’s not a lot to say about this, but Barbie today got two new careers, and in one she’s a computer engineer! That’s right, coders of the world can now count Mattel’s (s MAT) best-selling toy among their ranks. Sorry, systems administrators!


Barbie’s new role was chosen through a contest Mattel created this year that let consumers pick what Barbie’s next job would be. Computer Engineer Barbie won the popular vote, while girls selected news anchor as Barbie doll’s next career (what’s wrong with blogger, girls?). Computer Engineer Barbie will go on sale sometime this winter. That’s a binary code patterned T-shirt she’s wearing, and a smartphone, Bluetooth headset and laptop bag she’s toting. But my question is, does Barbie use a Mac (s aapl) or a PC?