WinMo Wrap: WM7 is Coming!

The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. The big mobile conference in Barcelona is ready to kick off on Monday, and Microsoft (s msft) CEO Steve Ballmer will be taking to the stage to officially unveil Windows Mobile 7. The new OS will likely be called something a little different that WinMo 7, in keeping with the “Windows phone” moniker previously touted by Microsoft. Rumors have the new OS version looking a lot like the Zune HD interface, which is a finger-friendly UI that works better with touch controls than older versions of WinMo.

The rumor of the Microsoft Pink phone has reared its head again. It is supposedly not dead yet, but not necessarily Windows Mobile related. The Pink phone is supposed to be a replacement for the Sidekick product line. Microsoft purchased Danger, the company that produces the Sidekick, a while back. It is not expected for Microsoft to spend time at the MWC on the Pink project, as its focus will almost certainly be on Windows Mobile.

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