Brightcove Pushes Mobile Video with Flash 10.1 Support

Brightcove is moving aggressively to help its customers take advantage of new mobile video capabilities that will be available on a wide variety of mobile devices when Flash Player 10.1 is released later this year. By extending support for the new Flash Player, Brightcove will make it easier for its customers to deliver video to mobile devices, while also enabling them to take advantage of all the same features that are available on to PC viewers.

The new version of the Flash plugin will be the first used across PCs and other devices. It will replace Flash Player Lite, which had previously been used on mobile phones and set-top boxes. As a result, publishers will be able to create standard pages that are playable on all three screens.

For Brightcove customers, this will mean only customizing one video player, as opposed to creating one for the PC and another player for mobile playback. It also means that customers will be able to use all the same social sharing, video analytics, and advertising features on mobile devices that are available to viewers watching video through the Brightcove player on PCs. While supporting both mobile and PC, Brightcove’s Flash Player 10.1 implementation has device detection that will bring up a mobile-optimized player with user interface controls designed just for viewing on mobile screens.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will be available on phones that run Google Android, Symbian S60, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile and Research in Motion BlackBerry operating systems. Already, 19 of the top 20 smartphone manufacturers have announced plans to support Flash 10.1 when it becomes available — with the only exception being Apple (s AAPL), which has thus far eschewed support for the runtime on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. While iPhone doesn’t support Flash, Brightcove enables customers to stream video to the mobile device by building out apps using a recently released iPhone software development kit.

Although Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 isn’t expected until later in the first half of 2010, Brightcove already has some customers testing out implementations of the Brightcove Player on mobile devices that will support the new runtime. Customers that are already using Brightcove’s Flash Player 10.1 implementation include AOL, Atlantic Records, La Vanguardia, National Geographic, The New York Times, STV, Sun Media and The Weinstein Company. Once generally available, mobile capabilities for the new Flash Player will be offered as a seamless extension to all customers at no additional charge.

Support for the new Flash player for mobile devices comes as Brightcove has added a wide range of new features with the release of its new Brightcove 4 white-label video publishing platform late last year. The company is also aggressively pursuing TV Everywhere implementations through the release of its TV Everywhere Solution Pack (TVE-SP) earlier this year.

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