The Google Super Bowl Ad: One Premise, Many Spoofs

When I interviewed Jared Neumark of Landline TV on Tuesday, one of the things we talked about was the difficulty of nailing fresh topical parody, because so many other comedy maestros online are trying to come up with jokes on the same topic as you. As an example, let’s take the Google (s GOOG) Super Bowl ad.

When the commercial premiered Sunday night, its slightly sappy subject matter and easily-replicated format should have been a clear indication that it was ripe for repurposing by industrious comedy minds. And Landline TV was pretty quick on the draw:

They weren’t the first ones out of the gate — a video by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade’s video division, released just barely before Landline’s, ended up stealing their thunder — with a few pretty similar gags.

And since then it’s escalated. While New Deal Comedy recasts the unseen Google user from the ad with one suffering from ADD

A video by Half Day Today continues the original Parisian love story down an extremely dark path.

And this one by Not a Pro Blog doesn’t even bother with subtlety, starting with “study a broad” and going from there

And on and on and on it goes. If you go to the official YouTube channel for the Search Stories concept, you’ll see that they’ve included at least one parody. But somehow I don’t think Google will include many of the above.

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