Dow Jones Reboots Financial News, Retains As Standalone Site

While Murdoch’s footsoldiers rush to charge for consumer news like does for biz content, and while itself continues its European expansion, one part of the pie is often overlooked…

Financial News, DJ’s subscription site covering the London securities market, has redesigned and maintained its place in the Wall Street Journal Digital Network as a standalone site.

DJ bought the site, which was started in the 90s, from its founders in 2007. WSJ’s rival Financial Times, too, is still buying small independent publishers in specific trading communities.

The new look is undramatic. The site still covers asset management, investment banking, private equity, trading and technologies. New features are a blog and more in-depth reporting and data tools.

DJ has resisted what may have been a temptation to roll Financial News in with WSJ more widely, as the paper continues to court UK and European audiences.

The site, which is also a newspaper, claims over 47,000 subscribers, from amongst 1,100 paying site license holders. DJ didn’t tell us how much a license costs precisely, saying “pricing is based on the particular needs of the customer”.

Financial News is accessible via the WSJ Digital Network menu of’s European edition, though further down the pecking order at the US edition.