Symbian 3 Launches, Has iPhone Envy

Symbian Foundationsymbian3.gif, the open source foundation, has (almost) launched its much-awaited Symbian 3 mobile operating system. If you watch the video, it looks like an OS desperately trying to catch up to its nemesis, the iPhone (s aapl). From a user interaction perspective, Symbian 3 finally brings some of the features of the iPhone to the Symbian universe. For example, multiple pages and the ability to flick and move around those pages are new additions.

There are several other enhancements, many of them not visible to the naked eye. I have not seen the actual OS or even a working demo of it so far. Until I get to use the actual OS, I’m going to remain skeptical of Symbian’s claims — just as I’m skeptical of any other entity in a similar situation.

The phones using the Symbian 3 OS are going to hit the market in the second half of 2010. If you want to get a complete overview of  it, visit the web site. Meanwhile, watch the video to get a sense of what Symbian 3 looks like.