Kayak and Yapta Team Up to Help You Find Cheaper Flights

Yapta today announced a partnership with travel search site Kayak that will make its highly useful flight-tracking service a lot more accessible. Yapta has a pretty awesome, consumer-friendly premise: Airlines mess with flight prices all the time, so if you’re bargain shopping it’s hard to know when to make a reservation. And what could be worse than when the price of a flight drops dramatically right after you bought it for some ridiculous amount?

What Yapta integration will look like on Kayak's search results (not live yet)

Yapta helps tell you when to buy and when you’re eligible for a refund (which you are, if the price drops — and this happens about 15 percent of the time, according to the company) by tracking flights you’re interested in and flights you’ve already bought.

In the past, using Yapta required the installation of a browser add-on or telling the site about your travel plans directly; now Kayak’s flight search engine is directly accessible on the site. But more importantly, all search results on Kayak and its subsidiary SideStep will soon give you the option to “track price drops,” which will prompt users to sign up for Yapta. Being on every Kayak results page should give Yapta a nice bump in signups, and it’ll be a great value-add for people who already use Kayak. (In fact, the reason I’m writing about this is I’m a user of both services, and I’m happy I’ll be able to get them in one place and stop using the pesky Yapta Firefox add-on.)

<strike>Kayak</strike> Yapta, which also recently integrated with TripIt, raised $2 million in Series B funding last summer in a round led by Voyager Capital.

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