Finally, a PSA for Geeks

Connect a Million Minds, a $100 million initiative from Time Warner Cable (s twc) that tries to hook kids up with after-school activities that promote math and science, has released a public service announcement showing geeks as, well, if not the inheritors of the Earth, certainly its rulers. The clip is cute, and as someone who conducts experiments with ice cubes during my 3-year-old’s bath time in an effort to introduce her to the scientific method, I wholeheartedly support encouraging math and science education.

Sure, it might be better if these kids were celebrating a love of technology, rather than the fact that they will one day get to boss their peers around, but whatever works. For those interested in participating, Connect a Million minds has a web site that offers appropriate events by zip codes. Truly ambitious folks can also pledge to host a program or event themselves. Here’s hoping that along with its commitment to math and science projects, Time Warner can boost its competition to provide better broadband. I know all the young geeks would appreciate it.