Google Purchase Shuts Down reMail

A while back I reviewed an iPhone app called reMail that I really liked. It allowed users to search their email archives very comprehensively. Apparently Google (s goog) was impressed with the application, too, and as Liz reported over on GigaOM, Google has purchased the company.

Google (GigaOM Pro profile) has a long history of buying companies for their talent, and that appears to be the case here. reMail’s founder and CEO Gabor Cselle will now become a product manager for Gmail. Unfortunately for reMail’s fans, that means that the app is being retired; it’s no longer available in the App Store, and after the end of the March there will be no support for it. Until then, the company is making all of the app’s paid features available to all of its users.

The company stressed in its announcement that it has no private customer data for users to be concerned about the retention of, since email downloads used in the app are transferred directly from the service provider to the customer’s phone.

Will you miss reMail?