Bloom Energy’s Magic Power Box Unveiled

It’s only taken the ultra-secretive fuel cell maker Bloom Energy 8 years and close to $400 million to get it to where it is tonight: finally unveiling its refrigerator-sized fuel cell called the Bloom Box to the public in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday night. Bloom Energy founder K.R. Sridhar shows 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl the innards of the Bloom Box, which takes in oxygen and fuel (natural gas, biomass, etc.) to create electricity and costs between $700,000 to $800,000. Google, Bloom Energy’s first customer, has already been using 4 Bloom boxes to power a datacenter. The company, which is backed by Kleiner Perkins and others Valley VCs, will be unveiling its Bloom Box to the media more widely on Wednesday and Earth2Tech will be there.

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