paidContent Quick Hits 2.22.2010

»  MySpace’s new slogan — and new product strategy — reportedly will be “Discover and be Discovered.” Maybe Michael Arrington is being a bit generous in calling it a “hail mary”? [TechCrunch]

»  Facebook and Zynga are just the start. Digital Sky Technologies’ Yuri Milner says his investment firm plans to invest $1 billion in social media firms over the next five years. [BusinessWeek]

»  The Miami Herald is no longer accepting donations from online readers “after evaluating two months of response.” Tellingly, the paper isn’t saying how much money it raised. [Miami Herald]

»  Sony’s PlayStation Home virtual world hasn’t been a hit for either advertisers or gamers. [MediaWeek]

»  The HuffPost’s newest vertical: College news. The site says it has partnered with college papers but says it also wants 30 students to “cover college issues for us” — apparently for free? [HuffPost]

»  Twitter is blocked in China but President Hu Jintao has opened a microblogging account anyways using a microblogging service run by government paper People’s Daily. He has “thousands” of followers. [IDG News Service]

»  Investigators have new leads on who may have been behind the cyberattack on *Google* that led to the company’s threat to pull out of China. [WSJ]