Battle of the Status Updates: Facebook Still Has the Edge, But Barely

Twitter disclosed earlier today that it has crossed 50 million tweets per day. That’s a stat with a direct equivalent: Facebook status updates. As of earlier this month, Facebook had 60 million status updates per day. To be fair, Facebook doesn’t seem to count in that figure the millions of links and photos shared by its users as status updates, nor would it count comment threads. Whereas on Twitter, every tweet is just a tweet.

Twitter doesn’t report its user numbers, but it’s safe to say they’re smaller than the 400 million global active users of its rival and one-time potential acquirer in Palo Alto. And Twitter has seen tremendous growth; tweets per day were at 35 million at the end of 2009. Tweeters as a whole, and perhaps on an individual basis, as compared to Facebook, are prolifically talkative and more so everyday. Mathew reported on an MIT/Microsoft survey of tech-savvy folks that found twice as many respondents updated their Twitter a few times a day than their Facebook status.

Meanwhile, Nielsen said today that global users increased their time spent on social networking sites 82 percent in December 2009 versus December 2008, for a total of five-and-a-half hours per month, with Twitter and Facebook seeing particularly strong growth in the U.S. compared to their rivals. Of course, that was just December — ancient history in social networking stats time.

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