Hate ChatRoulette? Then You Hate The Internet

Every once in a while, a service or feature comes along that crystallizes everything people love and hate about the Internet. ChatRoulette is definitely one of those services. Plenty has been written already about the new social tool, which is a little like the Internet video version of speed dating. It was created by a 17-year-old Russian student as a lark and has exploded in popularity with as many as 50,000 simultaneous users, attracting interest from some (including Union Square Ventures investor Fred Wilson, who offered to fly the founder to New York for an interview and suggested he might invest) and revulsion from others.

The revulsion comes because of the somewhat prolific use of ChatRoulette by exhibitionists and other, er… excessively outgoing users, an experience that writer Ivor Tossell described eloquently in a recent article entitled “Click. Naked Guy. Click. Naked Guy. Click. Naked Guy.” Continue reading at GigaOM.