Nokia N900 Adds Twitter to Conversations

Watching apps and features appear for Nokia’s N900 reminds me of watching my kids grow up. The device continues to mature and improve on a weekly basis — but if you’re not paying attention, you suddenly see the handset in a different light and wonder where the time went. I’ve been far too focused on my Nexus One of late, although to be fair, a number of distractions have kept me there — a ROM with HTC Sense and Adobe Flash 10.1 support, for example . So I haven’t yet seen the new Twitter integration plugin in the native Nokia N900 Conversations application that Jason Harris eye-spied.

Conversations brings back memories of the Palm Pre (s palm) that I sold last week — it doesn’t matter which method you use to communicate in Conversations because it supports multiple methods. That means you can converse with a contact via email, SMS, Skype chat, Google Talk (s goog) , AIM (s twx), and more. And now a still-in-development update brings Twitter into the mix.

By “still-in-development” I mean that N900 owners can find the software bits in the Extra-Devel repository, which is beta code at best. It’s the resting place for new code to be tested before it meanders into the more stable Extras repository and up to now I’ve stayed away from it. After reading up on the plugin, I just may walk on the wild side and add the repository — and the plugin — to the N900 I have on loan. I’m way past the point where I want to pick which app to use for communication. I’d rather have the tools get out of the way so I can communicate how I want to, without worrying which software I’m using.

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