Pocket Trackpad for Windows, Macs

Wireless peripherals can be useful tools in the bag, if they are well executed and fit a need. Portable trackpads are not new, and it’s rare to see one that is well designed and provides utility for users. One such gadget has been reviewed by Red at TRFJ, and overall he seems to like it. The iPazzPort combines a trackpad and thumb keyboard into a pocketable package, and it connects via a wireless dongle to either Windows (s msft) or OS X (s aapl) computers.

What would you use such a gadget for? As Red points out, the iPazzPort can be used with a media center for easy control of the system while sitting in front of the big screen. I can also see one of these adding value to slate devices for those who don’t like on-screen keyboards. The thumb keyboard looks like a decent entry device for those who like such things. I could also see this used as a remote control for giving presentations. Not too bad for $40.

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