Vid-Biz: NBA, Univision, TiVo

Advertisers Who Cross Platforms Count For Bulk Of NBA Ad Revenue; Bryan Perez, GM of NBA Digital, says 28 percent of the NBA’s advertisers run ads across all three platforms, and account for 73 percent of its ad revenue. (paidContent)

Univision Readies Telenovela Web Site; U.S. Spanish-language broadcaster is creating a video web site for the popular telenovela soap-opera genre, dubbed “Novela y Series,” that is slated to start in the spring. (Wall Street Journal)

TiVo: Cable Is Strangling Our Business with SDV; TiVo filed a statement with the FCC this week, saying that its business is at risk of being shut down due to the cable industry’s adoption of switched digital video. (Ars Technica)

TidalTV Targets Ads for Set-Tops, TV Everywhere; the video ad firm is looking to position itself as a key player enabling everything from targeting ads to individual set-tops to improving advertising yields for TV Everywhere products. (Light Reading)

CBS Research Chief Defends TV Ad Spending; David Poltrack, the broadcaster’s Chief Research Officer, says that since 2006, TV ad spend has gone up as a percentage of the total budget. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Quincy Smith: Multiple Commercials Are Cool and Micropayment Could be Big; consumers of online video are not adverse to multiple in-stream commercials — and many will embrace a form of micropayments, according to Quincy Smith, former CEO of CBS Interactive. (Beet.TV)

TweeVo: Tweet Your TiVo Recordings; TweeVo periodically polls your TiVo’s Now Playing list to determine and then broadcast new recordings on Twitter. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Netflix Does Dash; Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming service will be available on Sony’s dash personal media viewer. (NY Times)