Gowalla Powering Location Results on Android With Skyhook Wireless

Skyhook Wireless today announced that Gowalla, the location-based social networking service, has added its Core Engine to its Android (s goog) application for location results. Up until now, Gowalla officials have been disappointed with location-based apps on Android, but they say that’s changed.

On the iPhone (s aapl), Gowalla uses built-in Skyhook location data by default. While working on an app for Android, though, developers claim they noticed big performance differences compared to the app on the iPhone

“Location-aware social networking apps cannot succeed without reliable positioning results,” Kate Imbach, vice president of marketing at Skyhook Wireless, said in a statement announcing the deal acquisition. “Gowalla’s disappointment with Android location is a common frustration that can only be resolved by integrating Skyhook.”

Gowalla’s Android app is currently in beta and will be widely released to the public in March. Skyhook also offers a publicly available SDK for Android developers, available here.

Meanwhile, in Austin last night, Stacey caught up with Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook  and Josh Williams, CEO of Gowalla, from Skyhook for a chat about check-in and location features in social networking apps. See their thoughts in the video below.