LG Multitouch Capacitive Screens Gain Microsoft Touch Certification

Microsoft Windows (s msft) on a capacitive touch notebook just could be in your future. The same conducive display technology made popular by Apple’s iPhone (s aapl) has found its way into a 13.3″ panel made by LG Display. The company today announced the achievement, but it’s not just the creation of the display that’s important. Microsoft certified the panel with the official Windows 7 Touch Logo, meaning that it meets the requirements for touch support when used with Windows 7.

That’s key because it means drivers will be available and any device using the capacitive panel should offer all of the touch features and functions offered natively in Windows. I ran into driver problems back in 2006 when installing Vista on a touchscreen Ultra Mobile PC that wasn’t certified. As a result, I struggled to use the device until some HID touch drivers were cobbled together — a real pain when the device was a slate tablet without a keyboard.

The LG display is actually the first capacitive in-cell screen to gain Microsoft’s certification. By “in cell,” I mean that the touch sensors are actually built into the display itself, and not in a separate layer or film. This should help with outdoor viewing says LG, as it prevents light reflection and loss of brightness inherent in touch layer films. The integrated multitouch capacitive screen should arrive in products during the second half of this year. Blurry film layer or no, I foresee some capacitive touch Windows 7 notebooks this coming holiday season, although I’d rather see this produce used in smaller slate devices. I’m still not sold on touch displays for notebooks from an ergonomic standpoint.

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