Yahoo Adds Twitter Firehose, Tweet Integration Coming

Yahoo (s YHOO), like Microsoft (s MSFT) and Google (s GOOG) before it, has struck a deal to get access Twitter’s to real-time “firehose” of tweets. Starting Tuesday, tweets will appear on Yahoo’s front-page search results in real time (Yahoo had previously included tweets but not through Twitter’s real-time firehose, which it charges for). And coming soon, Yahoo will include real-time tweets on its News, Finance, Entertainment and Sports pages.

Yahoo is also announcing plans to integrate Twitter across all its sites, so that users can tweet their stream of actions on Yahoo, for instance leaving a comment on Yahoo Sports or uploading a photo to Flickr, said Cody Simms, senior director of product management for Yahoo Open Strategy, in an interview Monday. It’s part of Yahoo’s big strategy to be an aggregator for the social web. Users will also be able to import their stream of tweets into Yahoo and compose tweets from within Yahoo. This echoes Yahoo’s planned integration with Facebook, which it pre-announced in December.

Yahoo got trashed for pre-announcing that deal, which was viewed as a concession to let Facebook power Yahoo’s social experience. That is in part, I think, why it’s also pre-announcing the Twitter deal, to correct the record. Neither deal allows users to log in to Yahoo using their Facebook or Twitter ID. Rather, they incorporate Yahoo’s vast network of properties. Both deals are supposed to actually be implemented “later this year,” a delay that does speak to Yahoo’s overly complicated and distributed nature.

Simms said that Yahoo plans to strike deals with “other social networks that our users are using, both globally and in certain regions of the world.” He said that could also potentially include Google Buzz, a rival effort to aggregate social activity online.

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