How-To: Build Your First Site in iWeb

In this iWeb video tutorial you’ll learn how to import content, create links, embed a video and publish your website.

If you’re planning to build your own site, Apple’s iWeb is an easy way for you to get into web-design and launch your first online project. With a little practice, you can be the webmaster of your own domain in no time.

This tutorial is all about getting you comfortable with iWeb. To show you how easy it is to create professional looking sites, I created the site for my new iPhone game using iWeb:

Rather than use a pre-set template, we’re going to dive right in and recreate the Cosmo Kid website. Before you start the tutorial, make sure to download the Cosmo Kid Content Pack (ZIP, 274 KB), it’s got all the parts you’ll need to build the site.

Check out the video after the jump, or view the full-size, full-resolution video here (MOV, 135MB).