PeerPong Raises $2.8M for an Aardvark for Twitter

PeerPong has raised $2.8 million for social search from DCM, First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures and Partech International, reports paidContent (part of the round was made public in an SEC filing earlier this week).

PeerPong isn’t open to the public yet, but the service describes itself as “an easy way to connect with the right Twitter users to get direct answers fast.” Its presence on Twitter explains “Please ask us your question by DM (d AskPeerPong) and we will match you to Twitter users who can provide timely relevant answers.” (DM means direct message, Twitter’s method of sending private correspondence to another user.)

That’s quite similar to Aardvark, the social search startup Google (s GOOG) just bought for a reported $50 million. Building such a service through Twitter does make it a little more idiosyncratic: I can’t yet ask PeerPong a question because you can’t direct message accounts on Twitter that don’t follow your own account (as of today AskPeerPong only follows 1,229 people). By contrast, Aardvark uses your Facebook connections, with questions inputted on its own mobile, web and IM apps and then sent to relevant friends and friends of friends who’ve been identified through Facebook Connect.

PeerPong is led by Ro Choy, who was in charge of business development and revenue for RockYou before leaving late last year.

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