SugarSync Adds Email Attachment Uploads, 500 GB Plan

As a long-time SugarSync user, I’m happy to see the file synchronization service continue to add new features. The latest one might not sound like much on the surface, but it’s one of those functions that creates simplicity in a product. New to SugarSync as of today is support for email uploads — just shoot a message to a unique email address and SugarSync will snag the attachments in the email. The uploaded objects are stored in your account on the SugarSync servers and are accessible on all other computers or devices attached to your account. Heck, at this point, you may not even need the email that contained the attachments, so you could save some local space and delete it.

I tested out the new “Upload by Email” feature and it worked as advertised. It’s an opt-in function, so I had to enable it in my account settings to get my unique email address — which I’ve just added as a contact in my address book for fast reuse purposes across all of my devices. The notes I sent included an Adobe PDF (s adbe) file, a Microsoft Word document and images — within a minute or so, all of the attachments appeared in my SugarSync server account and then on my MacBook (s aapl), netbook, iPhone and Nexus One (s goog). That’s the overall feature I may like best about the product — the cross-platform support of PC (s msft), Mac, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry (s rimm) and, since December, Android. Note that certain file types aren’t accepted for security reasons — .exe, .cmd and .bat, aren’t stored, for example.

Since email is everywhere these days, you could theoretically share the unique upload address with your inner circle of friends. Assuming they’re not going to clog up your SugarSync account with a gazillion useless attachments, they could simply send you file attachments directly through SugarSync. Hopefully, you trust your inner circle, but if you’re worried that they’ll send gobs of data to your account, SugarSync can even help with that. In addition to the new email upload functionality, the highest capacity plan is now 500 GB, which is double that of the previous largest. That kind of space will set you back $39.99 a month or $399 a year. Your friends are worth it though, aren’t they?

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