OfficeDrop Incorporates Contextual Files Into Freshbooks Invoices

How many times have you sent an invoice to a client, and then they ask for more details or supporting documents to detail your work for them? Now tying specific files to your invoices can be a cinch with OfficeDrop (formerly called Pixily, which we covered in 2008) and the application’s new integration with Freshbooks, the online accounting solution.

OfficeDrop is a paper and document management application. You can manage your files (both scanned paper documents and digital files)  by document or by folder, but as OfficeDrop uses text-searchable PDFs it also becomes a “search engine for paper.” It also offers an enterprise-level mail-in digitization service and can do from dozens up to millions of pages.

At this time, OfficeDrop is the first document management application integrated with Freshbooks. You can store your documents in OfficeDrop, then right in a pulldown menu you can assign documents to Freshbooks invoices, so that the final invoice you email to your client contains links to specific documents related to the invoice itself, such as a contract. If you’re an independent contractor, for example, you could attach a related proposal and timeline to the invoice. If you’re a graphic designer, you could attach an image. If you’re a freelance writer, you could attach your article drafts. Your client can view attached documents as PDFs or in their original form.

Keeping your documents organized in OfficeDrop is a breeze. You can sort your OfficeDrop documents by folders, subfolders and labels (similar to tags) and then easily search your files for, say, contracts or proposals. OfficeDrop uses a straightforward file tree format for organizing files, and you can share your files in a granular manner; down to the document, or an entire folder containing subfolders and documents. For example, you could share an entire folder of your expense reports and related receipts organized by month with your bookkeeper. You can securely share your files with multiple people or even share files publicly, such as by embedding a link to a support document in your blog. You can also email files into folders with specific labels.

Do you use OfficeDrop? Has it helped you move to a paperless office?