Scribd Now Sends Docs to Mobile Devices

Scribd is one of those things that you really appreciate once you try it out. The method of displaying virtually any complex document with proper formatting and controls to facilitate the reading is simply great. I especially like how well the research papers on our subscription-based service, GigaOM Pro display in Scribd. What does this have to do with mobile tech? I’m glad you asked. Scribd has now added a “Send to Device” feature that does exactly what it implies — sends any Scribd doc right to your phone.

Most Scribd content is paid content, so this is adding more value to the purchase. It’s a great way for authors and publishers to get their content out to a big, mainstream audience. Even more exciting is the quiet news that Scribd is working on a “series of mobile applications tailored especially to the Android (s goog) and iPhone (s aapl) operating systems.”

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