Mobile Deal Brings Ads to Your Twitter Stream

Twitter may be working on the imminent launch of its own advertising platform, but that hasn’t stopped others from rushing to profit from the social network. A Twitter ad service called 140proof announced today that its ads will now be integrated into the iPhone (s aapl) and Android (s goog) mobile apps from HootSuite, a Twitter tool that many businesses use to manage their social media marketing campaigns. Unlike some other advertising options for Twitter, which have seen celebrities paid to endorse products in their posts, 140proof ads are messages posted to a user’s stream by the company in service of a specific targeted ad campaign.
140proof, which is based in San Francisco and backed by a $2 million investment raised last summer from Blue Run Ventures and Founders Fund, said that its algorithm aims ads at users based on their profiles and other public data. Other Twitter advertising services include, which has gotten some press attention for paying celebrities such as Kim Kardashian thousands of dollars to endorse products to their followers, as well as Magpie, Assetize and IZEA.

The question all of these services will inevitably confront — including Twitter itself, once it launches its own platform — is how users will react to a wave of advertising in what was once an ad-free social network (in the case of 140proof, of course, you can simply not use HootSuite’s mobile apps and you won’t see them). Many of these services are only just ramping up in what will undoubtedly become a much bigger campaign to bring ads to the Twittersphere. So what will you do when ads start appearing in your Twitter stream?
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