Yahoo’s Carol Bartz Hates Net Neutrality? Nope.

Yahoo (s yhoo) CEO Carol BartzĀ in an interview on CNBC today slammed government involvement in broadband deployments and consumers who are too worried to spend money because they don’t have jobs, andĀ said she would would have taken Microsoft’s (s msft) offer of $36 per share back in 2008. However, she didn’t come out against net neutrality, despite assertions to the contrary in a tweet from Verizon’s (s vz) executive director of external communications and an email alerting us to Bartz’s comments from Ted Hearn, VP of communications for the American Cable Association, which read:

On CNBC, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz just said government “should stay out” of regulating broadband access providers. A big crack in the Net Neutrality coalition?

But Bartz didn’t say anything about net neutrality (another member of the debate did). When an anchor asked her how she felt about “the government getting involved in building out the Internet so Yahoo can get into more homes” she replied:

“I think the government should stay out of it. It was wonderful with DARPA and all the science that happened, but people in companies, and company investments are what really brought the Internet to the American public.”

The video, focused on the broadband regulatory debate, is embedded below, but before you watch seven talking heads scream at one another, let me caution you that the facts presented regarding broadband access are based on an older standard of broadband. Also, just because the CEO of Yahoo doesn’t want government involvement in broadband buildout doesn’t mean all tech companies are eager to see the U.S. continue with an anti-competitive duopoly in most towns that keeps innovation down.