WWD Reader Profile: Siv Lam, Web Marketer

WebWorkerDaily readers are a diverse bunch. Every week, I profile a different reader and ask them to share what they do, how they do it, and some of their favorite hints and tips.
Who are you and what do you do?
My name’s Siv Lam, and I work in web marketing for a small web development firm. My main focus is helping female entrepreneurs use the web to their advantage. I love teaching women the nuances of social media and online marketing. I help my clients to manage their web sites and teach them how to use Twitter and Facebook to grow their customer base and businesses. I am on Twitter at @sivlam.
What’s a typical day like for you?
I start off every day by going through emails and RSS feeds in Google Reader (s goog) to catch up with all my blogs and news. I also go through the various Google Alerts I have set up, and check Twitter and Facebook to make sure I am up to date on all the current events. I then spend the rest of the day following up with my clients over Yuuguu and Skype, and attending meetings.
What gear and software do you use, and why?
I am a big fan of Google Apps (s goog). I have helped many clients implement this in their small businesses and they love it; it really streamlines the communication within their organizations. The interface is extremely user-friendly and there are so many tutorials to help new users. I use it myself, too; all of my domains use Google Apps.
Because my work involves interfacing with people from all over the country, I use web conferencing app YuuGuu. This free application allows me to share my screen and show my clients how to use the web sites, and demonstrate the Twitter and Facebook pages I have created for them. I can provide hands-on tutoring sessions, just as if I were sitting there right beside them.
I generally work with my clients using free and simple tools that allow them to manage their online presence and convert that traffic into sales, whether they are selling jewelry, clothes or web applications. I do all of my work with my MacBook Pro (s aapl), which I carry everywhere.
What’s your favorite web working tip?
Although I have Google Analytics set up on a lot of my clients’ web sites, I tell them to use bit.ly when sharing links over Twitter so that they can instantly see when their links are being clicked on. It’s a simple way to receive immediate feedback and see if they are engaging their users.
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