Weekend Vid Picks: Jon M. Chu’s LXD, at the Oscars and Beyond

Jon M. Chu’s League of Extraordinary Dancers dance crew — or, as you might know them better because you’re cool like that, the LXD — is performing live at the Academy Awards tomorrow. And to tease what will no doubt be a a pretty dazzling display of breakdancing, they’ve uploaded a teaser video of a dancing golden Oscar…doing the robot?

There hasn’t been a ton of news about the soon-to-come launch of the LXD as a full-on web entity. So far most of the content online consists of teasers and trailers, with only a few glimpses at the full spectacle tiding over eager fans. However, those glimpses have been pretty amazing — such as this presentation from this year’s TED conference.

Not to mention the trailers currently running on TheLXD.com, such as this one (entitled “Moments.”)

LXD “Moments” Trailer from Jon M. Chu on Vimeo.
You might notice that the above video is hosted by Vimeo, which is frankly a bit odd given that the LXD built its audience on YouTube (s GOOG). In fact, the troupe even performed at the 2008 YouTube Live event.

These previews are great, but I’m definitely ready to see the full experience begin soon. Frankly, there’s only so much teasing a girl can take.
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