Teen Social Shopping Site PlumWillow Gets Funding

PlumWillow, a to-be-launched social shopping site betting that teens will skip the mall for online — as long as online shopping is social enough — has raised a seed round led by Crossbar Capital. The site promises to “empower its members to shop together with friends, make wardrobe choices from multiple brands, design their own outfits, customize an avatar and share these choices through their social networks.”
That sounds part Fashion Playtes (which lets tweens design their own clothes and has raised $1.5 million of its own) and part ThisNext (which lets users build profile pages with their recommended purchases).
PlumWillow CEO Scott Stone’s catchy quote in the release: “Ninety-five percent of apparel bought today by teens is purchased from stores, in large part, that’s because the online shopping experience today is like the mall was 30 years ago — boring.” The site is “coming soon.”