Quick Hits: iPad Edition 03.08.2010

Gadget sites have been abuzz with all things Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) as the company’s stock hits yet another record high today, and gears up for iPad pre-orders at the end of the week. We’ve rounded up and the scuttlebutt so you don’t have to:
»  HP launches a sneak attack with its Slate (and yes, it supports Flash). [Wired]
»  Steve Jobs confirms the iPad will not be able to connect to the internet via tethering on the iPhone. [iPhone Alley]
»  Why developers are having trouble creating apps. [PocketGamer.biz]
»  Three reasons we won’t see a drop in the iPad’s price. [jkOnTheRun]
»  Mac and iPhone developer Matt Legend Gemmell (yes, that’s his real name) shares tips on creating the best kinds of iPad apps. [Matt Legend Gemmell]
»  Ten things Apple needs to address before the iPad release. [eWeek]
»  Why tech columnist Jason Perlow is convinced to buy an iPad. [ZDNet]