Gets Hacker Help for New Video Player

Paul Yanez is back: The developer of many rogue and fabulous media players, including the MyMediaPlayer application that brought Hulu to the desktop until being shut down by the video site, has been tapped by to develop its new Flash video player, the company just announced. The new player, which is already live at, makes it possible to select choice moments of clips hosted by and embed them on third-party web sites. The player also preserves the original aspect ratio of every film.
Flash developer Yanez got famous in the online video world when he turned Joost into a proof-of-concept web app in the summer of 2007. He made headlines again a year later with an Air-based desktop player for Hulu, which was quickly rendered useless by a Hulu upgrade. Yanez responded with an upgrade of his own, but MyMediaPlayer2 went dark just four hours after TechCrunch wrote up it up as Hulu’s “unofficial desktop app.” features over 12,000 clips from various Hollywood movies. The company aims to be something like a Hulu for choice snippets from blockbusters and cinematic classics alike, and it was able to secure rights from a number of big Hollywood studios to do so. Each clip on Movieclips is published with closed caption and other metadata, making it possible to find famous quotes from specific films, and the site recently published an API that opened up some of this functionality to third-party developers.
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