Sponsor post: Calling All Macs!

Free yourself from limitations with LogMeIn remote access.

The new LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac gives you the freedom to remotely access your Mac — anywhere, anytime. But don’t just imagine it. Try it free, today!
More freedom to be a Mac
Pro2 for Mac lets you access and manage your remote Mac from virtually any Internet-enabled device. Even a PC. It gives you more freedom to roam knowing you’re not leaving anything behind.
You can even transfer files, print from a remote Mac to the nearest printer and share your desktop so you can collaborate on the go.
Never settle for less
Look, you want to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. So why settle for products that put limitations on your abilities? Other alternatives are often more expensive, less flexible or just aren’t easy to use. Not cool.
So why settle for less when, in this case, more is better? More freedom, more control, more functions. Whether you want more mobility or easier access to apps and information, we invite you to try out LogMeIn. It’s simple, fast and comprehensive.
Anytime, anywhere remote “Maccess”

Try it free today
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