SXSW 2010: All You Need to Know, Courtesy of the GigaOM Network

SXSW UPDATED on Tuesday, March 16th with links to the latest stories: The GigaOM crew is out in full force at this year’s South by Southwest, reporting on all that is nearest and dearest to our readers’ hearts — such as an in-depth look at the privacy discussions taking place from Liz Gannes, including one featuring social technology theorist Clay Shirky’s thoughts on information sharing (and don’t miss the related discussion over at jkOnTheRun), plus Twitter’s @Anywhere product (which Mathew weighs in on), and from Liz Shannon Miller, news of an embeddable player to help independent web video producers monetize their content and a look at the upcoming set-top, Popbox, from Sybas.
Meanwhile, Stacey reports on on a SXSW panel discussion focused on open source and custom software tools that are helping companies go web-scale, observes a notable lack of women at a startup panel and moderates one entitled “Can You Run a Serverless Business?” Paul Bonanos details the unveiling of music service MOG’s mobile applications and jkOnTheRun’s Kevin writes about Rhapsody’s new feature for its iPhone client: playlist music downloads for offline listening.
Need help figuring out what to do and who or what to see? These two 10-point cheat sheets will help you navigate everything from the sessions to the parties to the weather. Austin is filled with tech startups, so get away from the maddening crowds and check out some of them on their home turf. And since the one must-have accessory for SXSW attendees is a smartphone, here’s a way to use it to pay for your bar tab.
Speaking of mobile, the stress on AT&T’s network last year rendered many a SXSW 2009 attendee’s phone useless, so this year, Ma Bell wasn’t taking any chances. Word on the Texas city’s streets is that it’s paying off.

But the mobile focus this year is centered around two things: device-wise, it’s all about the iPad; category-wise, it’s location-based services. Foursquare, which launched at last year’s SXSW, is definitely not the only game in town.
And for those of you that couldn’t make it to Austin, here’s how you can keep up with all the activities — yes, even the parties! — online.
Stacey also has a good piece on a SXSW panel discussion focused on open source and custom software tools that are helping companies go web scale.