NYT Marketing Campaign Aims To Blunt WSJ’s Metro, Luxury Ad Effort

The WSJ’s New York metro edition is debuting in about two weeks and with it, a stepped up effort to challenge the NYT’s tight hold on area readers and lucrative luxury ads. As the date approaches, the NYT isn’t taking the threat lying down; the paper has just launched an online ad campaign designed to remind advertisers of the advantages the NYT possesses — at least for now — over key demos. The campaign, titled Numbers, will run for six weeks across print, out-of-home and online. The stats on the campaign’s microsite, NYT Audience, are culled from market researcher Scarborough and attempt to show that the NYT has nearly twice as many affluent readers, roughly three times as many New York-based online users and significantly higher female print readership.
The entire-campaign was created in-house. On the web, the NYT ads will be spread across AdAge.com, Adweek.com, Brandweek.com, Mediaweek.com, Variety.com, WWD.com and Mediabistro.com. Offline, the paper will hold