Palm Rolls Out Hip Ad Campaign For March Madness

Palm (NSDQ: PALM) is finally ditching their creepy ad campaign in favor of something more hip that demonstrates the capabilities of its new WebOS devices.
The new commercials, which will hopefully reinvigorate lagging sales, are set to run during March Madness later this week. The ads much more closely resemble Apple’s commercials that demonstrate how applications work on the phone, and have the tagline “Life Moves Fast. Don’t Miss a Thing.” In this ad, an actress is able to multi-task by checking email, her calendar and checking out her location on a map as she walks down the street. Music in the background is by rapper Mos Def, whose beats are in rhythm with each touch of the device.
Last summer, when Palm launched the Pre, the ads were overwhelmingly received as weird, and down-right creepy. One Palm ad featured actress Tamara Hope speaking directly to the camera, musing about observations about traffic lights, jugglers and reincarnation.