Daily Sprout

BYD Backs Off Electric Car Goals: The South China Morning Post reports that Warren Buffett-backed BYD Co. has given up on plans to mass produce its all-electric vehicle in China by the middle of this year. “The company will make 100 E6 electric cars,” for use in the Shenzhen taxi fleet, but “[f]urther development of the vehicles will depend on the success of the taxis.” — Bloomberg
Progress for Lake Turkana Wind Project: “Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power project – set to become Africa’s largest wind farm – looks to be back on track after securing financing through a new shareholding structure.” — NYT’s Green Inc.
Electric Amsterdam: With the goal of having 200,000 electric cars on its roads by 2040, the city of Amsterdam has announced a €3 million ($4.1 million) plan “aimed at promoting electric vehicle development. On the schedule: subsidies towards vehicle purchase, financial assistance for companies and incentive measures.” — Sustainable-Mobility.org via Green Car Congress
Gaps in U.S. Climate Coping Policy: “The federal government has ‘significant gaps’ in its strategy to cope with the increasing effects of climate change on the country, according to a White House report scheduled to be released Tuesday.” According to a draft, the “report will call for better risk assessments, more thorough scientific research and improved coordination of federal and local governments.” — LA Times
Testing, Testing, Smart Meters: “Oncor is conducting about three dozen side-by-side tests of mechanical and digital meters around North and Central Texas in response to consumer complaints that the new meters cause bills to rise. The first results show that they do measure the same way and that they are accurate, said Oncor spokesman Chris Schein.” — Dallas Morning News.