Lessons in Phone Marketing, or Why the Nexus One Is Sucking Wind

When it comes to selling a lot of a new phones in a fairly short amount of time, an educated customer base, a pre-holiday launch and picking a carrier with a huge subscriber base are essential, according to an analysis released today by Flurry. The provider of high-end handsets app analytics looked at the first 74 days of sales for the iPhone (s aapl), the Droid (s MOT) and the Nexus One (s goog) to see how each had sold in that time frame. It chose 74 days because that’s how long it took Apple to sell 1 million of the original iPhones.
To the Flurry team’s surprise, however, even more Droids were sold in that amount of time, prompting them to come up with the above lessons. The Droid came out two and half years after the original iPhone, so people were primed for a touch-enabled, app-happy handset, and its November launch positioned it perfectly for holiday shopping. Launching with Verizon (s vz) and its 89 million subscribers also helped.  So the moral of this story is that the Google experiment of making a really cool phone with the Nexus One and just tossing it over the fence isn’t working so far.