More Details Leak Out About Google’s Plans For The Set-Top Box

More details are coming in about what Google (NSDQ: GOOG) may have in store for the set-top box. Just a week after the WSJ reported that Google was working with Dish Network on a new Android-based platform that would let users search both TV content and web videos on their set-top boxes, the NYT describes the service as being much more extensive and having the ultimate goal of making it “as easy for TV users to navigate web applications … as it is to change the channel.”

The NYT says the service — with the apropos name ‘Google TV’ — is being developed in conjunction with Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Intel; (NSDQ: INTC) the testing, meanwhile, is being done with the Dish Network.

What’s still not clear is how advanced the whole effort is. The WSJ noted that the program was “limited to a very small number of (Google’s) employees and their families” — implying that it wouldn’t come to market very soon — and as I pointed out last week there have been rumors that Google was working on an app platform for set-top boxes as far back as November 2007.

Google declined to comment on the most recent report.