Where Marries Geo-local App With the Web

After having seen tremendous success with its geo-local app, Where, the Boston-based uLocate Communications today rebranded itself as Where. The company also launched a new web site that allows mobile users to sync information in the app between the phone and the PC. Where.com users can go online to search nearby events and businesses, check in to record their current location and share their activity via social networks.
The addition of a parallel web site is a wise move that should give users a more immersive, detailed experience than can be delivered on a handset. And it could give Where one more place to deliver the ads that are the foundation of its business. The company last week launched a hyper-local advertising network to deliver highly targeted, location-specific pitches and scrap support for ads for generic content and services like ringtones and chat offerings.
The app is available for the iPhone (s aapl), Android (s goog) devices and more than 100 other handsets. Where claims that so far it’s seen more than 10 million downloads.
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Image courtesy Where