YouTube Users Upload 24 Hours of Video Every Minute

YouTube’s (s GOOG) users are uploading 24 hours of video every minute, the site’s director of product management Hunter Walk just announced. From Walks’s blog post:

“A day’s worth of content uploaded to YouTube every minute is a big achievement for our community and speaks to the role video plays in connecting and changing the world one upload at a time. So what’s next? 30 hours? 36 hours?”

YouTube’s users were uploading 20 hours of video per minute about ten months ago, the site announced last May, after reaching 15 hours of video in January 2009. In early 2007, YouTube was clocking six hours of footage every minute.
YouTube has been stepping up its efforts to monetize its vast amount of content; the site announced yesterday that it was opening up display ad overlays to everyone, which should lead to many more advertisers embracing the format.
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