Smartphone Picture at a Glance

It is no secret I love infographics, those charts that tell an entire story using pictures. So much information can be conveyed using the right combination of charts and figures. GigaOM has published another great infographic that tells the story of the smartphone market at a glance.

The major takeaways from the graphic:

Symbian — we often overlook Symbian in the U.S. but it is still the 800-pound gorilla in the smartphone space. Even though global market share has dropped over the past 3 years, if Nokia (s nok) ever figures out how to seriously enter the market here, many players have good reasons to be concerned.

Research In Motion (s rimm) and iPhone (s aapl)– the growth of both the BlackBerry and iPhone over the past 3 years has been outstanding.

Windows Mobile (s msft)– the platform from Microsoft has continued its downhill spiral. Windows Phone 7 series is hoped to end the skid, but recent revelations concerning what will be missing from the next version aren’t likely to help.

Android (s goog) — Google’s smartphone platform is growing at a tremendous rate, but it’s still a drop in a very big bucket.

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