Video: A Basketful of Live March Madness On the Nexus One

Every timeĀ I say I can live without Adobe Flash (s adbe) on my mobile phone, a video surfaces that causes me to reconsider my stance. This time it’s NewTeeVee with a glimpse of the NCAA March Madness tourney on a Google Nexus One over 3G. Using the Flash 10.1 beta, Adobe offered the demonstration along with confirmation that Flash 10.1 will officially hit Android devices within the next three months. Until then, I’m using these mobile methods to catch college basketball, which mostly pale in comparison. The live-stream doesn’t look flawless, but it’s not a slide-show either — not bad for a beta product over a mobile broadband connection right now.

The second half of 2010 is shaping up for quite a video showdown on mobile devices. By the end of this year, Microsoft’s Silverlight (s msft) functionality arrives with Windows Phone 7 devices, although it’s won’t initially be supported in the browser — Silverlight apps like one for Netflix will leverage Microsoft’s video platform. Android (s goog) and webOS devices will have Adobe’s Flash while Windows Mobile legacy devices aren’t getting it after all. And Apple (s aapl) will still hold the line and not allow Flash on the iPhone and iPad. Will it be Silverlight vs Flash vs HTML5 or will there be room for all three on mobile devices?