SanDisk Delivers 32GB microSDHC Cards

SanDisk (s sndk) tomorrow will officially announce availability of 32 GB microSDHC memory cards for smartphones and other mobile devices. The suggested retail price for the tiny Class 2 cards with 5-year warranty is $199.99, but the price for new technology never comes cheap. Two weeks ago, I decided to migrate all of the media on my phone from a 4 GB to a 16 GB card, and I paid around $60 for the storage upgrade. The card I bought has a Class 6 rating, so it’s faster than the new one from SanDisk; had I opted for a 16 GB unit with similar speeds, I could have had one for around $25. But there aren’t any other 32 GB microSDHC options currently, and folks could be willing to pay a premium for more storage. The cards will be available at SanDisk’s online store as well as U.S. and European online retail shops — worldwide retail availability follows in April.

Just how much storage does 32 GB offer your phone or other mobile device? SanDask says you can listen to music on 35 round-trip flights between San Francisco and New York City before repeating a song. Of course, I’d be more concerned with major jet lag and lost luggage on that many flights, but you get the point. For phones that offer a microSDHC memory slot, this card can bring them up to par with Apple’s current iPhone (s aapl), which offers up to 32 GB of internal storage.

I know that many readers have long waited for higher capacity memory cards and that the MSRP of a product doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll pay. What would you expect these to retail for — or better yet: how much are you willing to pay for 32 GB in your device?

Image courtesy of SanDisk