Nozbe Integrates With Evernote

Nozbe, the online Getting Things Done (GTD)-based project management tool, announced integration with Evernote last week. This is yet another worthy third-party integration where a service benefits from the power and flexibility Evernote offers. If you haven’t used Evernote yet, I recommend you try it out because it is one of the best note-taking applications on the market.

I signed up for a free Nozbe account to check out the integration between the tools. Evernote replaces Nozbe’s note-taking component, offering a wealth of new options, including access though Evernote’s web interface, desktop client, and mobile device applications. Activating the integration follows a process similar to  integrating Evernote with Twitter (covered here) and Cliqset (covered here). The integration between Evernote and third-party applications is clean and easy for even non-technical users to complete thanks to the Evernote API.

The integration makes use of tags to tie your Evernote notes into your Nozbe account. You create tags in Evernote that correspond to a Nozbe project name or context, and Nozbe searches through your Evernote account for tags that correspond to your projects or contexts and makes the notes accessible in your account. For example, I created a tag “Nozbe Integrates with Evernote” in my Evernote account. When I synced my Nozbe account with my Evernote account, the tagged notes appeared in my Nozbe account in the “Evernote Notes” section. Your tag appears at the bottom of the note as the name of your Nozbe project. If you are new to tagging or still trying to formalize how you use tags to organize your data, just make sure your tags are descriptive and correspond with your Nozbe project names (including capitalization) and you’ll have no problems getting this integration to rock.

In Nozbe, you can only view your Evernote notes. However, you can put the notes into any contexts you set up for your Nozbe projects.

While I am not a card-carrying GTD user, I do use some its principles in my current workflow, so I find this integration useful and think that it improves upon Evernote’s already strong feature set and its ease of use. One last bit of advice: if, like me, you sometimes aren’t as strict about syncing as you should be, to make best use of this integration, you’ll need to get into the syncing habit.

Have you tried out Nozbe’s integration with Evernote? What do you think of it?